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Job Summary

  • Maintainability/Quality Specialist / Netherland / 550 € per day

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Location: The Hague
  • Sector: Software Engineer
  • Daily Rate: € 550 per day
  • Job Type: Contract
  • Technologies: Software Quality Specialist Maintainability JavaScript SonarQube Angular JS french German
  • Reference: I180122SS

Maintainability/Quality Specialist / Netherland / 550 € per day

Posted Monday, 22 January 2018

Endeavour Recruitment has an excellent contract opportunity for an experienced Maintainability/Quality Specialist to join a Large Organisation in The Netherlands on an initial 10-month contact.

Skills and experience required:

  • University degree with at least 8 years' experience in Software Engineering and Software Quality.
  • Expert knowledge of Java programming language.
  • Extensive knowledge of common popular open source frameworks.
  • Expert knowledge of software quality in general and maintainability in particular.
  • Knowledge of relevant software quality metrics.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript programming language and relevant JavaScript libraries and frameworks, angular JS in particular.
  • Knowledge of tools which calculate a number of software quality metrics (eg SonarQube).
  • Ability to create and maintain technical documentation.
  • Good Communication skills, interpersonal skills and analytical skills.
  • Being active in a multi-cultural environment, excellent level of English (oral and written).
  • Knowledge of German and or French would be advantageous.

Duties :

  • Define software maintainability requirements and criteria together with an approach (based on standards and automation where possible) to validate if the maintainability requirements have been fulfilled.
  • Create an inventory and categorisation of common popular frameworks and libraries for which sample usage scenarios, optionally including example code snippets shall be documented.
  • Perform a number of project code reviews to demonstrate the applicability of the proposed validation approach.
  • Identify potentially applicable standards in the area of software quality and maintainability in particular.
  • Deliver a document which clearly outlines the importance of software maintainability, how to achieve maintainability and how to measure/validate the maintainability requirements.

Kindly get in touch for further details in this not to be missed, long term contract opportunity.

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